We are looking to build a network of folks on the outside who can be a source of support for our artists, communicate opportunities to them, and have a group of people on the outside that are able to take action when one of our artists has a particular need.

Our requirements are:

  • Correspond with the artist at least 1x per month

  • Check in at least 1x per month w Megan/Rachel about how artist is doing

  • Catalogue artist work (if they send additional work to you), keep their portfolio up to date

  • Assist with professional development as needed (help w resume, help w promoting their work)

  • Share updates at least 1x per month for social media —> participate in advocacy campaigns for other artists

  • Assist w mailing out newsletter & artist opportunities to incarcerated artists, facilitate submitting art to opportunities as needed 

If you are interested, please send an email to FTAcollective@gmail.com